About Us

Freelance Secretary.co.uk is a family run business based in Tunbridge Wells, offering digital transcription services to businesses, authors, students, research departments and individuals. Working from our home office, we provide the professional, reliable and personal service which clients demand, without the overheads of a larger, office-based franchise or agency.

Transcribing from a sound recording is a specialist task, and if you or your admin staff have ever attempted to 'do it yourself' you may well have realised that without the experience and skills required it can take many, many hours - far more man-hours than most businesses can afford to lose. Outsourcing your transcribing requirements is the obvious answer. It saves on costs, leaves time for you and your staff to focus on your core business and guarantees a high quality of transcription.

We realise that there are many companies who offer such services, so why should you consider using us? We offer a fast, accurate, personal service to all of our clients.

  • Fast - it takes us approximately thirty five minutes to transcribe and proof read a ten minute conversation between two people. Based on this timeframe, we will commit ourselves to meet your deadlines unless for any reason we feel it may not be possible to do so (the main reason for this tends to be poor quality of recording) in which case we will contact you immediately and discuss the way forward.
  • Accurate - our transcribers all have extensive experience in the transcription business. They have a firm grasp of the English language and you can be sure that their work will reflect this (no 'their' instead of 'there', or misuse of apostrophes!). All transcriptions are proof read by our in-house proof reader before being returned to the client, which ensures watertight accuracy throughout.
  • Personal - all client communication is dealt with by Frances, be it answering the telephone, replying to emails or meeting in person. Therefore, right from the beginning of your contact with us we start to build a personal relationship which we are confident will develop as you return to us with more of your transcription needs.

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